FREE, Self-Hosted Learning Management System
for Online Educators!

Host Your Own Learning Management System

SonicLMS is a free learning management system (LMS) that comes with built-in course creation, multiple quizzes and marketing functionalities. Set up an eLearning website in a matter of minutes. SonicLMS is an excellent choice for language teachers and other online educators.

Main Features

Course Management

Create as many courses as you need. Set them as public or private courses and add lessons to them.


Lessons contain various exercises. Add text, video or quiz based exercises to your lessons.

Multiple Quiz Types

Add various quiz-based exercises. Available quiz types: multiple choice, gap fill. More in SonicLMS PRO.

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Even More Features in SonicLMS Pro

SonicLMS will always be free, however, if you want to enjoy even more awesome features, you should update to SonicLMS Pro. Our LMS software allows you to sell courses and comes with more quiz types. The built-in word management database lets language teachers build unique, interactive vocabulary building exercises that learners will just love. Check the different quiz types in more details below.

The integrated payment gateways ensure quick and secure transactions. Currently supported payment gateways: credit card payment with Stripe or Braintree, and of course PayPal. The built-in donation option lets site owners to generate additional income. The optimized checkout flow increases conversion rate and minimizes sales loss.

Discover SonicLMS Pro

SonicLMS Pro is an advanced version of SonicLMS. It comes with more quiz types, course selling functionality, built-in donation option, integrated payment gateways and much more.

All Features

  • Categorize courses
  • Separate page for each course
  • Set course to public or private
  • Sell your courses Pro feature
  • Add lessons to courses
  • User management
  • Translate the user interface
  • Site Customization
  • Integrated Payment Gateways Pro feature
  • Contact Page
  • Spam Protection
  • Downloadable lesson resources
  • Embed Tracking Codes
  • SMTP Settings (Amazon SES, Mailgun, Postmark)
  • Email Subscription (Mailchimp, Sendy)
  • Blog management
  • Image select quiz Pro feature
  • Testimonials
  • Text-based exercise
  • Video-based exercise
  • Single choice quiz
  • Word database Pro feature
  • Optimized for speed
  • Donation management Pro feature
  • Self-hosted software
  • Regular Updates