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What is a Sales Funnel?

A Sales Funnel is a buying process, a series of steps that a customer goes through when purchasing a product, a service or just simply subscribing to a newsletter. The word “funnel” is used to indicate a a series of marketing steps. The steps or stages of a sales funnel are usually the Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. With SonicFunnels you’ll be able to create these steps and convert your visitors into paying customers.

Host Your Own Sales Funnel Website!

Create unlimited sales funnels, online courses, sell digital products!

Funnel Builder

Create as many sales funnels as you need. Add them upsells, downsells, order bumps and thank you page.

Page Builder

Create unique pages easily with pre-designed sections. No programming skills required.

Payment Gateways

Offer Stripe, PayPal or Credit Card (Braintree) Payment to your customers. SCA/3dsecure ready!

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SonicFunnels is a self-hosted, feature-rich sales funnel builder software. No more plans or monthly fees! Host your own sales funnel builder website and create as many sales funnels as you need!

FAQ & Pricing

How much does it cost and how long can I use SonicFunnels?

SonicFunnels costs $149 and you can use SonicFunnels as long as you want.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept PayPal or credit card payments via Stripe.

What can I expect in terms of new features?

We constantly improving our products, adding updates and new features to it. We also welcome and implement ideas from our users.

Is SonicFunnels easy to set up?

Yes! Just follow our documentation to get set up and running. If you still find it difficult or have no time, you can purchase an installation service and we’ll take care of it for you.

Will I have access to new versions?

After you purchase SonicFunnels, you will have access to updates and new releases for 12 months. After that you can renew your access to new updates for another 12 months for $79, but it is not mandatory.

I have an agency. Can I use SonicFunnels on clients' websites?

Yes, you are free to use SonicFunnels to build sales funnel websites for your clients.

What do I need to run SonicFunnels?

SonicFunnels is a self-hosted software which means you need a domain name and a webhosting account if you want to build a website with it. If you don’t have a domain name and a webhosting account, we recommend using one of the A2hosting package. We develop and test our softwares on A2hosting servers so we know for sure that they will work with this webhosting company. For further system requirements, please consult our documentation.

More Features

create sales funnels

Multi-Step Sales Funnels

Create as many multi step sales funnels as you need. Add upsell or downsell steps to maximize your conversion. Add order bump to the checkout page. Set a thank you page where your customers will be automatically redirected to after purchasing your product or service.

Integrated payment gateways. Let your customers pay via credit card or PayPal. Built-in integration of Braintree, Stripe and PayPal Express checkout.

No more restrictions, expensive plugins or monthly fees! With SonicFunnels you can host your own sales funnel builder website and create unlimited sales pages and funnels. Everything you need under one roof.

create online courses

Create and sell online courses

You have a skill to teach? SonicFunnels will let you create awesome online courses. A course can be public, private (requires registration) or you can sell your courses.

Your students will be able to access the free or purchased courses from their user dashboard.

Other functionalities include commenting on lessons, lesson attachments/resources, newsletter subscription form, user tracking and advertising banner.

All Features

  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • Multiple Checkout Templates
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Powerful Discount Features
  • Sales Countdown Timer
  • Blog management
  • Page Builder with pre-designed sections
  • Contact Page
  • Spam Protection
  • Embed Tracking Codes
  • SMTP Settings (support for Amazon SES & Mailgun)
  • Countdown or Stock Discount
  • Upsell, Downsell & Order Bump Feature
  • Site Customization
  • Testimonials
  • Sell Online Content/Courses
  • Sell Digital/Virtual Products
  • Translatable User Interface
  • Email marketing integration (Mailchimp, Sendy)
  • Self-hosted software
  • Regular Updates