How to add Recaptcha to SonicFunnels

SonicFunnels comes with built-in Google Recaptcha integration. It should be one of the first tasks after you install SonicFunnels. Recaptcha protects your registration and contact page.


Preventing spam registration and spam emails is vital to any web applications. One of the best ways to do it is using Recaptcha. It is a CAPTCHA system from Google that allows web hosts to distinguish between human and automated access to websites. We integrated reCaptcha into SonicFunnels so you can easily protect your registration and contact page from spammers.

To set up Google Recaptcha on SonicFunnels, log into your administration and go to Settings -> Captcha Settings. Here you need to provide the reCaptcha site key and secret key. To obtain these keys, you need to log into the Google recaptcha website here. You can use your gmail address to log in.

Once logged in, click the + icon to add a new site and fill out the fields.

  1. Label: here add a title for this site. this can be anything.
  2. Recaptcha type: here select recaptcha v3
  3. Domains: here add your domain name like this:
  4. Accept the terms and click submit.

After submitting, you’ll see your site key and secret key. Copy them into your SonicFunnels administration captcha settings.

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