Gmail SMTP settings in SonicFunnels

Learn how to configure SonicFunnels SMTP settings with gmail.

In this post we’ll walk you through the process of using Gmail’s SMTP settings with SonicFunnels.

SonicFunnels uses its “Email settings” to send out system messages such as registration confirmation, purchase notifications etc. To do this you need to correctly set up this option. You can use any third party SMTP services or you can use your Gmail address too.

To set up the Email settings, you will need the following information:

  • SMTP username
  • SMTP password
  • SMTP server
  • Connection type
  • SMTP port

The SMTP username will be your full gmail address. And the SMTP password will be the password you use to log into your gmail account.

The SMTP server will be

Set the connection type to “TLS” and set the port to 587.

In the SonicFunnels “Email settings” the “From/Site Email address” is not related gmail’s SMTP settings. This will be the email address that will be used to send out the messages.

The last step is to go to your gmail account and click on “Manage Your Google Account”. Then go to “Security” and scroll down to “Less secure app access”. Set this option to “On”.

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