How to connect Sendy with SonicFunnels

SonicFunnels comes with built-in integration with the popular Sendy newsletter sending software. In this article you will learn how to connect SonicFunnels with your Sendy application quickly.

SonicFunnels comes with a built-in integration with the Sendy Newsletter system. Sendy is a self-hosted newsletter software that lets you collect newsletter subscribers and send out newsletters. Compared to other email marketing services, Sendy is by far the most affordable one. In order to connect Sendy with SonicFunnels, you need to have your Sendy installation set up.

If you connect SonicFunnels with your Sendy installation, you will be able to collect subscribers via our subscription forms and save them automatically into one of your Sendy email list. To connect SonicFunnels with Sendy, you will need to provide the following information (In your SonicFunnels installation go to “Settings” -> “Email Marketing“):

  • Email Marketing Service: here select “Sendy”
  • Sendy Installation URL: the URL where you installed Sendy
  • Sendy API Key: get it from your Sendy installation, from the “Settings” option (see screenshot below)
  • Sendy List ID: the ID of the list where you want to save your subscribers

Get the API key from your Sendy Newsletter System

Providing the correct API key is important. To get yours, log in to your Sendy installation (NOT your SonicFunnels website) and go to the “Settings” option. From the “Your API key” section copy your API key and paste it into the “Sendy API key” field in SonicFunnels under the “Settings” -> “Email Marketing” menu.

Get the list id from your Sendy Newsletter System

You need to provide a list id in “SonicFunnels” -> “Settings” -> “Email Marketing“. To get the list id, log into your Sendy installation, select your Brand and click on “View all lists“. You should see all your email lists that you created before listed. In the “ID” column you will see a portion of your list id. Hover over it, and you will see the full list id. Copy it, and paste it into “SonicFunnels” -> “Settings” -> “Email Marketing” -> “Sendy list id” field.


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