Add PayPal Express to SonicFunnels

In this article you will learn how to connect your SonicFunnels installation with the PayPal Express payment gateway.

SonicFunnels comes integrated with PayPal Express or sometimes called PayPal Smart Buttons. All you need to do is enable it in the SonicFunnels dashboard and get a couple of things from your PayPal developer account.

First go to your SonicFunnels administration area and enable PayPal Smart Buttons. Go to “Sales Management” -> “Checkout Settings” and set the “ENABLE PAYPAL SMART BUTTONS” option to “Yes”. Underneath this option you can also enable a number of modules that comes with this integration automatically. Enable the ones you need.


You cannot use this payment method if PayPal is enabled within Braintree. So if you also use the Braintree payment method with PayPal, you enable the PayPal Smart Buttons payment method.

After you enabled the payment gateway, save the settings.

Get API keys for PayPal Express

Now you need to obtain two pieces of information from PayPal. Go to the PayPal developer site. You can log in with your PayPal business account. Go to “Dashboard” -> “My apps & credentials” and click on the “Live” tab or leave it on “Sandbox” if you want to test the payment method. In this case we will use the live example.

So select “Live”, then click the “Create App” button.

Add a title for the app. It can be anything, then click the “Create App” button.

After you clicked the “Create App” button, you will see your “LIVE API CREDENTIALS”. Copy your “Client ID” and your “Secret ID” by clicking on the “Show” link.

After you made a note of these two information, head back to your SonicFunnels installation and go to “Sales Management” -> “Payment Gateways” and select “PayPal Smart Buttons”

From the “Select Environment” option, select “Production”.

In the “PAYPAL PRODUCTION CLIENT ID” field paste the “Client ID” string you just copied from your PayPal developer account.

In the “PAYPAL PRODUCTION SECRET” field paste the “Secret ID” you just copied from your PayPal developer account.

Then click save.

After this don’t forget to go back to the “Checkout Settings” and re-save your settings, just to be on the safe side. That’s it, your SonicFunnels website is now capable of completing transactions using PayPal Express.

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