Documentation: SonicLMS

Entry: 8. LMS - Words Database

Last updated: 2021-04-13

8. Words Database

In SonicLMS, the Words Database can be used to create a huge collection of words, assign translation, image, audio, language to them and use them in various exercise types. This is more useful for language teachers since the types of exercise that use this feature are mainly used for vocabulary building.

Before adding words, make sure to create at least one word category.

Add New Word

Here you can add new words to the database. The following options can be found here:

  • Unique name: this can be anything. It is only visible in the backend. It is useful if you want to add words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. 
  • Upload an image: this will be the image that represents your word. It will be visible to the user in exercises. For best result use the same width and height (ratio) for all your images.
  • Copyright notice: images may be copyright protected. If you are required to add copyright link to your image, here you can paste the copyright URL. It will be displayed in a small box in the upper right corner of the image. If you want to use images that do not require copyright note, you can use images from Pixabay
  • Category: select a category this word belong to. Categories must be created before words.
  • Select language: you can select up tp 10 languages/translations for a word. For example, if you teach Spanish language to English speakers, you want to select English and Spanish. Then you can add the translation of the word in English and Spanish and upload audio files for each translation.

For a more detailed explanation for this feature, please watch the video below: