Documentation: SonicLMS

Entry: 5. LMS - Lesson Management

Last updated: 2021-04-08

5. Lesson Management


Here you can see all your lessons listed. You can edit, delete or preview lessons here. Before you can create lessons, you need to create at least one course because lessons blelong to courses.

Add New Lesson

In this menu you can create a new lesson. You can set the following options here:

  • Lesson title: a public title of your lesson. It is visible on the course page and the lesson page.
  • Lesson meta title: the lesson meta title is displayed in the browser tab of the lesson page.
  • Lesson meta description: this is a short description of the lesson. Max. 160 character. It is used by search engines in the search results.
  • Lesson description: a short description of your lesson. Displayed on the lesson page.
  • Tip: this is optional. If provided, it is displayed under the lesson description.
  • Lesson order: here you can change the order of the lesson.
  • Lesson cover image: the image you upload here will be visible on lesson listings and the lesson page.
  • Lesson status: the lesson status can be public or private. Public lessons can be accessed by anyone, private lessons only by registered and logged in users.
  • Select a course: select a course the lesson will belong to.
  • Resources: here you can upload resource files for this lessons. Allowed filetypes: .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .pptx, .zip You can also add external resource links as well.