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Entry: 4. LMS - Course Management

Last updated: 2021-04-08

4. Course Management

Here you can see all your courses listed. You can edit, delete or preview courses here.

Add New Course

In this menu you can create a new course. You can set the following options here:

  • Course title: here you can name your course. This title will be visible on the course list page and on the course single page.
  • Course meta title: the course meta title is displayed in the browser tab of the course single page.
  • Course meta description: this is a short description of the course. Max. 160 character. It is used by search engines in the search results.
  • Course short description: this should be a 2-3 sentences long description of the course. It is displayed on the course listing page.
  • Course long description: here you can use the editor to create a longer description of the course. Here you can be as detailed as you want. It is displayed on the individual course page.
  • Select instructor: here you can assign one or more instructor to the course.
  • Display Newsletter Widget: set this option to yes if you want to display a newsletter subscription form on the course page. Email marketing settings must be set before you enable this option.
  • Select source language: if you are creating a language course, here you can set your source language. For example, if you are teaching English to German students, your source language is German. It's the first language of the learner.
  • Select target language: here you can select your target language if the course you are creating is a language course. The target language is the language you are teaching to the learners.
  • Course category: here you can select a category for this course. at least one category needs to be created before creating a new course.
  • Course cover image: this will be the cover image of the course. It will be displayed on the course listing page and main course page. For best result try to use the same width and height images for each course.
  • Course type: it can be private, public or commercial. A private course can only be access by logged in users, while public courses are visible to anyone. Commercial courses can only be accessed after purchasing the course. Commercial course type is only available in SonicLMS Pro.
Course categories

Here you can see all your course categories listed. You can edit or delete categories here.

Add New Category

There is only one option here, which is the category title.