Documentation: SonicLMS

Entry: 3. LMS - Settings

Last updated: 2021-05-25

3. Settings

General Settings

The “General Settings” contains global options related to your site. Here you can set you site title that will appear in the browser tab, your site email that will be used to send out system messages and you can also change the interface language of the website here.

  • Site title: When the “Site title” is changed, the user will be logged out automatically after saving the settings. This title will appear in the browser tab and in emails.
  • Site base url: The “Site base URL” should also be set immediately after installation. The site base url is where the site is installed on. If your homepage is accessible via then it is your base url.
  • Change language: here you can change the interface language. Please note, this setting will not translate your content, it only translates messages, text on buttons etc. not user generated content.
  • Set timezone: with this option you can select your timezone
  • Subscription checkbox on register: if you enable this option a subscription checkbox will be displayed on the registration form and people will be able to opt in to your email newsletter list.
  • Select subscription checkbox by default: if this option is enabled, the subscription checkbox on the registration form will be checked by default. 
  • Enable terms and conditions checkbox on registration form: if this option is enabled, new users will need to check the checkbox and accept your terms and conditions before they can register on the site. If the box is not checked, the registration form will not be submitted.
  • Set terms and conditions page: here you can select a page that will serve as your terms and conditions.
  • Set privacy policy page: here you can select a page that will serve as your privacy policy.
  • Set cookie policy page: here you can select a page that will serve as your cookie policy.
  • Moderate comments: select yes if you first want to approve comments before they appear live on your site. This setting applies to both exercise and blog comments.
  • Address: the address of your business.
  • Phone: your business phone number.
  • The social media links added here will be visible in system emails.
Tracking Codes

You can inject third-party tracking codes in three places of your pages. Inside the head section, after the opening body tag and before the closing body tag. You can use this setting to embed Google Analytics, Facebook pixel or any other tracking codes. To avoid adding too much code here, we recommend using Google Tagmanager. To use Google Tagmanager on SonicLMS or SonicFunnels, read this tutorial.

Email Marketing

This option allows you to connect SonnicLMS to Mailchimp or Sendy (more providers are coming soon) and collect newsletter subscribers. Subscription forms can be added to pages using pre-built sections in the pagebuilder. For more details on how to use this option, watch these tutorials:

Email Settings

This setting is responsible for sending out system messages. This option uses SMTP relays to send out emails therefore it is important to provide the correct information here. You should set up this option immediately after installation, otherwise you may have problem with new registrations and other functionalities! For a detailed explanation on how to set up the SMTP connection, please check this video tutorial.

Here you can find more detailed information about how to set up email sending:

Captcha Settings

The captcha settings uses Google’s recaptcha. The captcha will protect your registration and contact page from spammers. To set it up you need to acquire a site key and secret key from the Google Recaptcha page. You can use your gmail address to log in. For a video tutorial on how to set this up, please click here.


In this setting you can blacklist email addresses or entire email domains. The email addresses or domains added here will not be allowed to use for registration.