Documentation: SonicLMS

Entry: 13. LMS - Product Management

Last updated: 2021-04-14

13. Product Management

Product Groups

In SonicLMS Pro each product must belong to a product group. So before you create a product, you need to create a product group first. You can do this by going to “Product Management” -> “Add New Product Group”

Product groups will allow you to create different versions of the same product. For example, you can create an “English Language Course” with different billing cycles (1-6-12 months access). But it is not required to create different versions.

First you need to add a title for the product group. Then you need to select a product group type. This can be “All access”, “Content” or “Content package”. 

  1. All access: if you select "All access" product group type, anyone purchasing this package will have access to all courses on the website. You only need to add one product to this group.
  2. Content: if you select the "Content" product group type, you will also need to assign a course.
  3. Content package: if you select the "Content package" product group type, you can assign multiple courses to that group.

To create a new product, go to “Product Management” -> “Add New Product”.

Here you have a number of options.

  1. Product title: This will be visible on the frontend and this is the title that customers will see on the checkout.
  2. Product group: select a “Product group” this product will belong to.
  3. Upload product image: upload an image for your product.
  4. Product price: the regular price of the product.
  5. Renewal price: add this if you only provide access to this product for a limited period of time and you want to charge your customer afterwards. Renewal price can be lower than the regular price. This way you can charge a higher regular price and a lower price for each renewal period.
  6. Billing cycle: here you can select how customers will be billed. You can select a fix period or give lifetime access.

Discount options

For each product two types of discount options can be set:

  • Countdown discount
  • Stock discount

You can use either one of them or both of them together. If both are used, the discount will end when one of them ends.

Countdown discount

Enable the discount option then select a discount price, an expiration date and time. By using the expiration time you can create short, flashsales.

Stock discount

Using this discount option you can set a fix number of items customers can purchase for a discounted price. First, you need to set the discount price for the product, then set the number of items available at the “Available stock” option. It will decrease by one every time someone makes a purchase. When the stock runs out, the discount will end and the product price will be set back to the original price. Optionally you can use the “Sold stock” option to give customers a sense of urgency.