Documentation: SonicFunnels

Entry: 8. Sales Management

Last updated: 2021-09-02

8. Sales Management

Sales management options control various sales related settings such as checkout, orders and payments.


On the “Orders” page you can see all your orders listed. Here you can edit or delete an order. You are able to edit certain details of an order and you can also add private or public notes to an order.

Private notes are only visible for admins, while public notes are also visible to customers.

The “Order status” can also be controlled from here. The status can be: processing, paid or completed.

Payment Gateways

Here you can set up payment gateways or payment methods that will be used on the checkout page. Currently we support Stripe, Braintree and PayPal Smart Buttons. You need at least one active payment gateway if you charge your customers for products or services.

If you make any changes here, it’s important to re-save your checkout settings as well.

For more detailed tutorials on how to set up each payment gateways, please check the following tutorials.

Checkout settings

This menu contains various option that control the function and appearance of the checkout page.

Currently there are two styles you can choose from. Style 1 has a two column layout, while Style 2 contains all payment information in a one-column layout.

Here you can also enable or disable various settings related to each payment gateways.

For more detailed tutorials on how to use the checkout settings, please watch the video below.