Documentation: SonicFunnels

Entry: 7. Funnel Management

Last updated: 2021-04-05

7. Funnel Management

On the “Funnels” page you can see your existing sales funnels. You can edit, delete or view them.

To create a new sales funnel, go to “Add New Funnel”. Before you can create funnels, you need to have product groups with products set up, and you also need pages. The very least a funnel needs the following pages:

  • Sales page
  • Thank you page

so these pages need to be created before a funnel.

Sales funnels are made up of steps. A funnel needs to have a minimum of three steps:

  1. Sales step
  2. Checkout step
  3. Thank you step

The first step is always the “Sales step”. This is the first offer your customer will see and it should include your main product. First you need to assign a page to this step. Select the page you designed for your main product. Then assign a product you created in “Product management”. If you used a section in your page that has product offering options, the details of the product you select here will be automatically added to this page.

Then you need to add a “Checkout step” to the funnel. A checkout step does not require any page, but you can select between two pre-designed checkout styles in the “Checkout settings” menu. At this step you can add an “Order bump” product that will appear on your checkout page.

Finally you need to add a “Thank you step”. Here you can assign a page to this step and also add a product to this step. Your customers will be redirected to this step after successful payment and they will also see you final upsell offer if you added a product to this step.

Optionally you can embed “Upsell” and “Downsell” steps inside the funnel.

To learn about creating sales funnels in more details, click here.