Documentation: SonicFunnels

Entry: 5. Page Management

Last updated: 2021-04-05

5. Page Management

In “Page Management” -> “Pages” you can see all your existing pages. You can edit or delete them from here, or search/filter pages.

You can create as many pages as you need via “Page Management” -> “Add New Page”.

First you need to add a “Page Title”. This title will also be the URI of the page.

The “Page Meta Title” will appear in your browser tab and is used by search engines when displaying search results. Normally, Google displays the first 50-60 characters of the meta title.

The “Page Meta Description” is a short summary about your page. It is also displayed in search result and should give a clear idea for your visitors what the page is about. The meta description can be any length, but search engines usually display the first 160 characters.

If you check the “Hide Navigation” option then the page will not display any navigation menu. Use this option on landing pages where you don’t want your customers to be distracted or to navigate away. This could increase conversion rate.

Check the “Funnel Page” option if you want to use this page as part of a sales funnel. If you check this option, this page will be available when you create a new funnel in “Funnel Management”.

To build the page content, you need to select at least one section. Sections are pre-designed, but each section can be further customized. To learn how to use each sections, check our blog for individual tutorials.

There are some custom pages that cannot be edited from the page management menu, these are:

  • Contact page:
  • Course listing page:
  • Login page:
  • Register page:
  • Forgot password:
  • Profile page:
  • Member dashboard:
  • Main blog page:
  • Thank you page (after purchase):