Documentation: SonicFunnels

Entry: 12. Testimonials

Last updated: 2021-04-05

12. Testimonials

You can add customer testimonials to your website that can be used in the page builder to display them on the frontend.

To add a new testimonial, click “Add New Testimonial”. Here the following options can be set:

  • Unique Identifier: this can be any text. It is only used for admin purposes.
  • Name: this is the name of the person who provided the testimonial/review.
  • Picture: upload an image of the person who provided the testimonial. If no image is uploaded, a default image will be used.
  • Company: a company where the person works.
  • Position: the position of the person who provided the testimonial, for example CEO, CTO, Director etc.
  • Feedback: the actual feedback content.

Testimonials can be further customized in the pagebuilder.